4 Basic Kinds of Lines & Colour

Sol LeWitt

On occasion of the Book as System exhibition, we are thrilled to publish a facsimile reprint of Sol LeWitt’s iconic Four Basic Kinds of Lines & Colour, co-published Printed Matter, Inc. & Primary Information.

Published in 1977 by Lisson Gallery, Studio International, and Paul David Press, the 34 page staple-bound book is an early example of LeWitt’s rigorous, algorithmic process in which a set of rules is run through its permutations to generate corresponding images. First in overview and then in detail, the publication sets down all possible combinations in overlaying four basic lines (vertical, horizontal, right-facing diagonal, left-facing diagonal) followed by a distinct combinatory system of four basic colors (yellow, black, red, blue).

Each spread is composed of these two parallel systems played out one at a time, with escalating line combinations on the left hand side and corresponding color combinations on the right. LeWitt’s Four Basic Kinds of Lines & Colour (1977) followed the publication of Four Basic Kinds of Straight Lines (Studio International, 1969) and Four Basic Colours and their Combinations (Lisson Gallery, 1971), and serves as a kind of synthesis of the two systems described in those earlier volumes.

Published by Printed Matter, Primary Information, 34 pgs, 20 × 20 cm, Softcover

在 “作为系统的书 “展览之际,我们很高兴地出版了索尔-勒维特标志性的《四种基本线条和颜色》的传真重印本,该书由Printed Matter, Inc.和Primary Information联合出版。

1977年由Lisson Gallery、Studio International和Paul David Press出版,这本34页的装订书是LeWitt严格的算法过程的早期例子,其中一套规则通过其排列组合来产生相应的图像。首先是概述,然后是细节,该出版物在叠加四条基本线(垂直、水平、面向右的对角线、面向左的对角线)中列出了所有可能的组合,然后是四个基本颜色(黄、黑、红、蓝)的独特组合系统。