David Robilliard Notebooks 1983-1988

David Robilliard

This book follows the first exhibition of Robilliard’s notebooks, ‘Disorganised Writings and Sketches’ with Rob Tufnell in Cologne in April 2019. It was made with support from the Elephant Trust and the book’s designers, A Practice for Everyday Life and with assistance from James Birch, one of David’s gallerists, and Chris Hall, custodian of the estate of Andrew Heard. The book is dedicated to Andrew Heard.

Rob Tufnell presents a new publication of extracts from the notebooks of the poet and artist David Robilliard (b.1952 – d.1988). After his premature death from an AIDS-related illness in 1988, Robilliard left a large number of notebooks in the care of his close friend and fellow artist Andrew Heard. These were obsessively filled with drafts of poems, diary entries, addresses and telephone numbers, blunt observations, quiet reflections, short stories, ideas for paintings, portraits and crude drawings. Robilliard’s superficially simple, pithy prose and verse is riddled with the dichotomies of an era that was both exuberant and miserable. His notebooks reveal his creative process, his interests, ideas, ambitions and then his illness but always embody his often repeated belief that ‘Life’s not good it’s excellent.’

Many of the books contain the inscription: ‘If found please return to 12 Fournier Street, London E1. Thank you’ – the home and studio of his patrons, Gilbert & George. In their lament ‘Our David’ (1990) they describe their protégé as:

“…the sweetest, kindest, most infuriating, artistic, foul-mouthed, witty, sexy, charming, handsome, thoughtful, unhappy, loving and friendly person we ever met… Starting with pockets filled with disorganised writings and sketches, he went on to produce highly original poetry, drawings and paintings.”

The publication exists in two editions: yellow and pink.

这本书是在2019年4月在科隆与罗布-图夫内尔举办的罗比利亚德笔记本的首次展览 “无序的写作和草图 “之后编写的。这本书的制作得到了大象信托基金和这本书的设计者A Practice for Everyday Life的支持,并得到了David的画廊之一詹姆斯-伯奇和安德鲁-赫德遗产的保管人克里斯-霍尔的协助。这本书是献给Andrew Heard的。

Rob Tufnell介绍了新出版的诗人和艺术家David Robilliard(生于1952年-卒于1988年)的笔记本摘录。1988年,罗比利亚德因与艾滋病有关的疾病过早去世后,他留下了大量的笔记本,由他的密友和艺术家同事安德鲁-赫德保管。这些笔记本上痴迷地写满了诗的草稿、日记、地址和电话号码、直率的观察、安静的思考、短篇小说、绘画的想法、肖像和粗略的绘画。罗比利亚德表面上简单、精炼的散文和诗句中充满了那个既繁荣又悲惨的时代的二元对立。他的笔记本揭示了他的创作过程,他的兴趣、想法、野心,然后是他的疾病,但始终体现了他经常重复的信念:”生活不是好的,是优秀的。

许多本子上都有题词:”如果找到请送回伦敦E1区福尼尔街12号。谢谢你’–他的赞助人吉尔伯特和乔治的家和工作室。在他们的哀歌《Our David》(1990年)中,他们将他们的门徒描述为