Quantum Listening

Pauline Oliveros

What is the difference between hearing and listening? Does sound have consciousness? Can you imagine listening beyond the edge of your own imagination?

In response to the anti-war movements of the 1960s, pioneering musician and composer Pauline Oliveros began to expand the way she made music, experimenting with meditation, movement and activism in her compositions. Fascinated by the role that sound and consciousness play in our daily lives, Oliveros developed a series of Sonic Meditations that would eventually lead to the creation of Deep Listening – a practice for healing and transformation open to all, rooted in her musicianship. 

Quantum Listening is a manifesto for listening as activism. Through simple yet profound exercises, Oliveros shows how Deep Listening is the foundation for a radically transformed social matrix: one in which compassion and peace form the basis for our actions in the world. 

This timely edition brings Oliveros’ futuristic vision – blending technology and spirituality – together with a new Foreword and Introduction by Laurie Anderson and IONE. [Note from the publisher]


为了回应20世纪60年代的反战运动,先锋音乐家和作曲家Pauline Oliveros开始扩大她的音乐创作方式,在她的作品中尝试冥想、运动和行动主义。由于对声音和意识在我们日常生活中所扮演的角色非常着迷,奥利弗罗斯开发了一系列声波冥想,最终导致了 “深度聆听 “的诞生–这是一种向所有人开放的治疗和转化的实践,植根于她的音乐创作。

“Quantum Listening “是一个将倾听作为行动主义的宣言。通过简单而深刻的练习,Oliveros展示了深度倾听是如何成为一个彻底转变的社会矩阵的基础:在这个矩阵中,同情心与和平构成了我们在世界上的行动基础。

这个及时的版本带来了Oliveros的未来主义愿—将技术和精神融合在一起—以及Laurie Anderson和IONE的新前言和介绍。