She didn’t say it was her phone, she said her girlfriend heard a phone ringing

Simon Asencio

The volume is an epistolary narrative produced via text message with a community of anonymous correspondents. Following on from a performative work, conceived by Simon Asencio, this book stages a relation between two protagonists, U and I. Through identitarian slips and glyphs, the book explores the narrative ambiguities of experimental writing, to generate a space for fluidity and uncertainty, at the intersection of the artistic and the literary. Edited by Lilou Vidal

Dear reader, These words are the premises of a correspondence between you and I. It will carry on for some a few days or a few months, it’s up to you-just tell me if you want ti bring this to an end. One part of this story has ended on April 19th, 2020. Another part continues within these bound pages. U and I don’t jnow each other: two letters standing in for two characters in a story yet to be narreted. You will remain forever the riddle, an address to the unknown: I will be writing to U, unknowing of who stands behind this U (after all you could be so many), unknowing of where you stand when reading these words, unknowing of how these words might coalesce with the life that forges your sense of self daily. In my case this I might not necessarily stand for one self either, yet I will account for all of these selves. I hope this masquerade will allow us to get closer. To long for and attend to each other without assuming our otherness. I do not expect any answers. Yet if you do, I promise it will remain between U and I. I look forward x +32 485 837 930

Simon Asencio (Toulouse, 1988) uses imposture and the expression of doubt to create performances that question the notions of liveness, stage and audience. The publication of this book results from the exhibition This Is My Body, My Body Is Your Body, My Body Is the Body of the Word, curated by Lilou Vidal, at Le Delta, Namur (BE); in partnership with Le Delta, Namur, with the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

这卷书是通过文本信息与匿名通信者社区进行的书信式叙事。在Simon Asencio构思的行为作品之后,这本书展示了两个主人公U和I之间的关系。通过身份滑移和字形,这本书探索了实验性写作的叙事模糊性,在艺术和文学的交叉点产生了一个流动性和不确定性的空间。 编辑:Lilou Vidal

亲爱的读者、 这些话是我和你之间通信的前提。它将持续几天或几个月,这取决于你–如果你想让它结束,请告诉我。这个故事的一部分已于2020年4月19日结束。另一部分则在这些装订的书页中继续进行。 我和你互不相识:两个字母代表了故事中的两个角色,但尚未解密。 你将永远是一个谜,一个未知的地址:我将写给U,不知道谁站在这个U的后面(毕竟你可能是这么多),不知道你在阅读这些文字时的立场,不知道这些文字如何与每天塑造你的自我意识的生活结合起来。 就我而言,我可能也不一定代表一个自我,但我将对所有这些自我负责。 我希望这个化装舞会能让我们走得更近。渴望并关注彼此,而不假设我们的异己。 我不期待任何答案。然而,如果你有,我保证这将是你和我之间的事。 我期待着X +32 485 837 930

Simon Asencio(图卢兹,1988年)使用欺骗和表达怀疑的方式来创造表演,质疑生动性、舞台和观众的概念。本书的出版源于展览《这是我的身体,我的身体是你的身体,我的身体是文字的身体》,由Lilou Vidal策划,在Le Delta, Namur (BE);与Le Delta, Namur合作,由Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles支持。