Steal This Book

Dora García

Eleven performance-based projects by Dora García, documented through letters, emails and other elements from the artist’s private correspondence with various interpreters of performances, whether they were direct collaborators of simple spectators.

Edited and prefaced by François Piron, Steal This Book, a tribute to Abbie Hoffmann’s pamphlet of the same name, is not a definitive attempt at rendering the pieces on which it is based; it calls for a free, active and contradictory reception, that of an open archive. Part epistolary novel, part rough screenplay and part user’s manual, Steal This Book proposes a body of discussions, questions without answers and endless ramblings, in place of the critique’s or the artist’s voice.

The book has also been presented in exhibitions as a Dora García sculpture meant to be stolen, but it can also be purchased in selected bookstores worldwide.

Contrary to the idea that would have art addressing the greatest possible number of people, Dora García (born in 1965 in Valladolid, lives and works in Barcelona), best known for her performance devices, is interested in what is enacted at the individual scale: in a radically conceptual form, at once accessible and elegant, she elects to transmit oddly coded messages, their ask being to bestir a specific relation with each and every visitor. Dora García is interested in everything that intervenes in the communication between an artist and his/her public: art no longer represents the world, but itself becomes a producer of realities often on the borderline of fiction and make-believe. It urges us to undergo experiences other than ordinary situations, at once simple and hard to grasp.

Dora García has had solo exhibitions at the MACBA in Barcelona, the Reina Sofia in Madrid and the SMAK in Gent. She represented Spain at the Venice Biennale in 2011, and was a part of the Skulptur Projekte Münster 07, the Sydney Biennial in 2009, the Biennale de Lyon in 2009 and Documenta 13 in 2012.

Dora García的11个基于表演的项目,通过艺术家与各种表演解释者的私人信件、电子邮件和其他元素来记录,无论他们是直接合作者还是简单的观众。

由François Piron编辑并作序的《 Steal This Book》,是对Abbie Hoffmann的同名小册子的致敬,并不是对它所依据的作品的明确尝试;它呼吁一种自由、积极和矛盾的接收,即一个开放的档案。部分是书信体小说,部分是粗略的剧本,部分是用户手册,《 Steal This Book》提出了一系列的讨论,没有答案的问题和无休止的漫谈,代替了批评或艺术家的声音。

这本书也被作为 Dora García的雕塑在展览中展出,意在被偷走,但它也可以在世界各地的特定书店购买。

Dora García(1965年出生于巴利亚多利德,在巴塞罗那生活和工作),以她的行为装置而闻名,她对在个人范围内制定的东西感兴趣:在一个根本的概念性的形式中,既容易理解又优雅,她选择传递奇怪的编码信息,他们的要求是与每一个参观者建立特定的关系。多拉-加西亚对介入艺术家和他/她的公众之间的沟通的一切都感兴趣:艺术不再代表世界,而是本身成为现实的生产者,往往是在虚构和虚幻的边界上。它敦促我们经历不同于普通情况的体验,既简单又难以把握。

Dora García曾在巴塞罗那的MACBA、马德里的Reina Sofia和根特的SMAK举办个人展览。她代表西班牙参加了2011年的威尼斯双年展,并参加了07年明斯特雕塑项目、2009年悉尼双年展、2009年里昂双年展和2012年第十三届文献展。