Unannounced Voices – Curatorial Practice and Changing Institutions

Zdenka Badovinac

Alternative forms of curatorial and institutional work suitable to our novel conditions, when the relationship between physical and online work must be revised.

In our current era of global pandemic and violent political upheaval, the question must be asked: What is our future and whose voices will announce it? These can only be situated voices, each with its own body and space, formed through dialogue within their own communities and in reaction and resistance to dominant discourses. Museum director, curator, and writer Zdenka Badovinac argues that these situated voices of people, artworks, and exhibitions, rooted in the local, can bring incisive, productive change. The call of these voices, in rethinking art, curation, and institutions, is the subject of this powerful essay.

Zdenka Badovinac is a curator, writer and director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb. She served as Director of the Moderna galerija in Ljubljana (1993-2020). In her work, Badovinac highlights the difficult processes of redefining history alongside different avant-garde traditions within contemporary art.


在我们目前这个全球流行病和暴力政治动荡的时代,必须提出这样的问题: 我们的未来是什么,谁的声音将宣布它?这些只能是处于不同位置的声音,每个人都有自己的身体和空间,通过在自己社区内的对话以及对主流话语的反应和抵抗而形成。博物馆馆长、策展人和作家Zdenka Badovinac认为,这些扎根于当地的人、艺术作品和展览的声音可以带来深刻的、富有成效的变化。在重新思考艺术、策展和机构时,这些声音的召唤是这篇强有力的文章的主题。

Zdenka Badovinac是一位策展人、作家和萨格勒布当代艺术博物馆的馆长。她曾担任卢布尔雅那现代美术馆的馆长(1993-2020)。在她的作品中,Badovinac强调了在当代艺术中与不同的前卫传统一起重新定义历史的困难过程。